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  980th URS Sharef Will Be On 05-06-07 Sep 2023 Inshallah 

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URS Mubarak Of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (r.a) Starts Every Year In Safar-ul-Muzaffar (From 18 Safar To 20 Safar). Millions of Moetqadeen From All Over The World Visit Darbar Shareef Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh At Bhatti Gate Lahore Each Year And There Will be Special Security Arrangements On Darbar Shareef During Urs Days To Prevent Any Trouble. It Is Advised To All Visitors That Please Do Not Take Any Luggage With You When You Visit Darbar Shareef During Urs Shareef. For More Information Please Contact Us +92-300-6561240.

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Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh's Stay In Lahore


When a 'Salik' (an aspirant/ Student of Sufism) goes through the Path of Sufism (Tariqat) achieving various stages (manazil) it reaches a point where the Soul (Nafs) leaves the clothes of Humanity and his heart becomes the everlasting praise of Allah. At this moment, Allah reveals various secrets to the hearts of the Saints giving them his special mercy (Marifiat) and this stage is also called Waliyat (Sainthood).  Then Allah favours them with other special bounties where the Saint's inner and outer becomes cleaned and his heart shines like Sun, and his Love attracts people to the Islam. Hazrat Syed Ali Hujwiri reached this stage, Allah Tala appointed him to the land of Lahore in order to spread the word of Truth and Islam. And this is our special honour and happiness that the leader of all Sufis Hazrat DataGanj Bakhsh preached Islam in this land. Many hindus were converted at his blessed hands, and that's why we can say that Alhumdillah we are Muslims. Hazrat Syed Ali Hujwiri came Lahore at the time when Sultan Mehmood Ghaznawi was in power. Along with Hazrat Syed Ali Hujwiri was Hazrat Abu Saeed Hujwiri and Hazrat Hamaad Sarkushi. At that time the Prince Muj bin Masood was deputy head of Ghaznawi Dynasty and the city Lahore was under going various developments, which was helping the city of Lahore to emerge as Centre point of Asia. It is also difficult to say what exact date Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh came to Lahore but it is thought that he came in 431 hijri.

In Fawaied Al-Foeid, Hazrat Nizamuddin Awliya Mut 's Malfozaat's analysis, which was complied by his khalifah (Successor) Mir Hasan, writes in the sitting of 29 Zil Qadaah 708 hijri 10 May 1309 that Shekih Syed Ali Hujwiri and Skeikh Hussien were Mureed and did Bayt to one Murshid. Skiekh Hussien was settled in Lahore from long time and one day Hazrat Syed Ali's Mursheed said to him, you should move to Lahore now, on this he replied that Shekih Hussien was already there then his mursheed said you should go, therefore you left for Lahore and reached at night time and at that night Sheikh Hussien died and the next morning it was his funeral.

  1. His mursheed ordered him to go to Lahore

  2. Syed Ali Hujwiri's arrival was at night time at the same time when Shekih Hussine died

From this we can clearly see that the Musheed is always aware of the things happening to his mureeds and you cannot under estimate the blessed 'Spiritual Seeing' of Syed Ali's Mursheed. His Shekih also wanted to ensure that there always remains a Sufi who will be engage with Islamic preaching so that people should not be misguided therefore it was necessary to appoint Syed Ali Hujwir after when Shkhieh Hussien dided in order to continue and process. Syed Ali Hujwiri's book, Kashf Al-Mahjub does represent that the Sufi Shekihs have Karamat and he has mentioned number of Leading Sufis but we do not find the mentioning of his Shekih's this Karamat and we also not find any thing related to Shekih Hussine in his book. Whereas you have mentioned the Sahaba, Ahle Bayt, Tabaian, Taba-Tabaian, Leading Sufi Imams etc



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